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A Modern-day Knighthood

Are you sick and tired of knowing something is missing and you’re not living to your full potential as a person? I’ve been there; feeling less than the best version of myself. Not being a whole and healthy man physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do you have the skills to protect your spouse, children, family, and loved ones? There is a way; a modern-day martial way. Imagine attaining unshakeable self-confidence in your abilities and mental fortitude; imagine belonging to a tribe of like-minded men and women who live this daily. Even if you think you’re uncoordinated, have never been in a fight, or as an adult, you feel you’ve lost a step, know: it’s never too late.  

Hi, I’m Matt Patrick Kelly, founder of the Order of the Iron Rings. I have over 40 years of experience in martial arts, am a former law enforcement officer, SWAT team member, Defensive Tactics, and Firearms Instructor. For the past 3 decades, I’ve helped people from all walks of life gain self-empowerment, and capability in their lives from the law enforcement officer working the mean streets to the average everyday citizen who wants the skills and attributes to live in our unpredictable world more fearlessly knowing they have the confidence to handle a multitude of situations.   

From the time I was five and experienced violence visited upon my single Mom by an evil man to getting out of law enforcement, losing my identity and purpose to becoming a father and most recently aging into my 50’s – I’ve experienced my fair share of self-doubt, I’ve chased self-empowerment for most of my life. It’s manifested in unhealthy ways, with unhealthy outlets to cracking the code for me as a man to be whole and healthy – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

How to have Purpose in Life 


7 Steps

1)      Have a cause. Create one or join one that is true and meaningful. Give from the heart and you will receive. A true and just cause should also give you tenets by which to live and act.

2)      Seek mastery in all worthy pursuits. Be the best you can at what is important to you. The beauty of this is- where you are now! Not looking in the rear-view mirror, remembering your glory days. This is living in the present, building into your future. Look to true, inspiring, and driven real people that are better than you.  Their example should not discourage BUT encourage. Goggins, Jocko vs. Hollywood types, and flaky popular social media personalities.

3)      Surround yourself with great people. Iron sharpens Iron, you are the sum total of the people you hang out with. Don’t expect to soar with the eagles when you’re hanging out with a bunch of chickens and turkeys. 

4)      Be positive! Too easy to be negative about everything and see nothing but the bad. Our government, federal agencies, and the controlled media, who are slaves to money and their advertising masters are experts at this. It’s designed to kill your spirit, cause fear and make you dependent on their solutions. Simply flip this habitual way of thinking for the positive, it takes training and time but it can be done. If you’ve got solid steps one, two and three I just spoke about, this step become easier.

5)      Get comfortable at being uncomfortable. Growth isn’t easy, or everyone would be the best version of themselves. Get up earlier than you want to, workout, have a daily routine, learn, read, act, meditate. In short- challenge yourself

6)      Have gratitude. This means being grateful for what you have, where you are, and doing things, as a role model, to help others so that they can also experience gratitude.

7)     Believe in something greater than yourself – and YES I mean- God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Christian values. 

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